how to culture daphnia the easy way

How to culture daphnia the easy way

  1. Buy starter culture or catch in the wild (You will catch them in stagnant water in rice paddies, canal or carabao pit holes that have water in it, you can catch them during early morning since they will surface during early in the morning. 
  2. Prepare containers, you can culture them on old refrigerator, ice box, plastic box etc, place green water or old aquarium water in the culture tank make sure that the water in the aquarium don't have any chemicals added daphnia are sensitive in Chemicals and will kill them.
  3. Feed them with yeast, spirulina, paprica, powder soya and egg yolk don't over feed them so that you won't spoil the water, you can add little aeration to maintain the quality of the water, don't place air stone so that their will be little bubble in it. 
  4. water change every two weeks.
  5. prepare many culture so that you will have backup whenever one of your culture crashes. 
Videos in our culture.

daphnia magna Giobel Koi Center Cebu
daphnia magna
daphnia breeding
daphnia magna
daphnia pulex Giobel koi center Cebu
daphnia pulex

green water in old refrigerator for daphnia culture Giobel Cebu
green water in old refrigerator for daphnia culture

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