How to breed betta fish the easy way

How to breed betta fish the easy way

  1. I place male and female betta in the breeding tank.
  2. Feed it with plenty of live foods, daphnia, mosquito larvae and brineshrimp whatever is available so that they won't fight.
  3. After a day or two they will automatically mate because you will noticed bubble nest right away and you will see them mate.
  4. After I noticed the eggs in the bubble nest and they stop mating. I take off the female and leave the male to care for the eggs. The male will care for the eggs. take it back to the bubble nest when it fall down. I had an amazing discovery yesterday, when my male breeder who is currently tending his young jump out of the tank and luckily landed in the empty container. I took the container and see that only the male was inside so I feed the male but to my astonishment when the male is going to feed a lot of small fry swims in the water, so therefore I conclude that the male betta keeps its fry in the moth too. 
This is my breeder male betta a betta hatching (Dragon Dalmatian Halfmoon plakat)
Dragon Dalmatian Halfmoon plakat betta forsale in Cebu
 (Dragon Dalmatian Halfmoon plakat)
Crowntail betta fish breeding 
Mustard gas crown tail Betta
Eggs hatch November 3, 2014


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