breeding goldfish step by step

breeding goldfish
  1. Choose matured breeders about 1 to 3 years old. Ratio would be 2 male and 1 female to ensure high fertilization rate.
  2. Separate them for a week and feed them plenty of live foods, daphnia, brineshrimp, mosquito larvae etc. absence makes love grow fonder 
  3. 20% water change daily 
  4. After a week place them together at night time, add spawning media, you can use DYI spawning mop or live plants, I used hornworts 
  5. Check them early at at 5 am in the morning if they chase each other, Males will bump the female to the spawning media during this process eggs will be release and fertilize, you can also hand breed them if you want to have lots of offspring's than normal breeding. check the video below for the hand spawning tutorial. 

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Other videos of our gold fish breeding 

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