How to breed koi step by step

 How to breed koi step by step

  1. Choose high quality breeders (gwapo og gwapa) handsome and beautiful, law of nature if the parents are beautiful then absolutely the offspring would be the same.remember to choose breeders age 4 to 5 years old reason, because if breeders are too young their eggs layer membrane will be too thin and the offspring might not survive,  if too old the eggs membrane layer will be too thick that sperm will have hard time to penetrate 
  2. Keep them away from opposite sex for a month to allow optimal spawning. distance makes the heart grow fonder he he 
  3. Feed them with rich in protein foods about 30 to 40% protein and varied live foods, like mosquito larvae, daphnia, brine shrimp and blood worms. (but don't feed them at least 1 day prior to placing them to the breeding tank, reason for this is you will avoid them to shit a lot on your breeding tank that might spoil the water easily by their casting. 
  4. After a month prepare the breeding tank with fresh clean water and spawning medium with it, spawning mop or live plants, Kois tend to make nest in the wild to stick their eggs. It would be best also to let them spawn during full moon.
  5. Place two male and one female breeder early at night and check them early at 5 am if they spawn already, you will notice the males will chase the female and bump them to the wall and spawning media, the eggs will stick and fertilize in this time. 
  6. Removed the breeders after spawning since after spawning the breeders will eat their eggs. place plenty of aeration to the tanks and add mytheline blue so that the eggs wont be attack by fungus.
  7. After 4 days the eggs will be hatch 
  8. after they are free swimming feed them with brine shrimp or daphnia.
I used these plant as my spawning medium 
  1. Hornwort
  2. Hornworts are a group of bryophytes, or non-vascular plants, comprising the division Anthocerotophyta. The common name refers to the elongated horn-like structure, which is the sporophyte. Wikipedia 
  3. Scientific nameAnthocerotopsida
    Hornworts  #Giobel koi center

Videos in koi breeding:

Many are wondering What Color Are Koi Fry for 4 weeks colors will be appearing already there are blacks and yellow.Koi Fry Changing Colors for about 4 weeks. There are black and yellow. It would be recommended to cull them at this Koi Fry Stages separate the black ones from yellow ones. 

Koi Fry for Sale
koi fry about 1 month old 

Koi Fry Changing Colors
Koi Fry Changing Colors at 4 weeks black and yellow appear

Koi Fry Stages Giobel koi center
Koi Fry Stages for 4 weeks 

Koi Fry for Sale Giobel koi center
Koi Fry Growth  at 4 weeks old 


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