What and how to feed fancy goldfish?

What and how to feed fancy goldfish

Goldfish are omnivorous  meaning their diet came from different food source like animals, plants, algi, fungi an d other food sources. in my personal experience I feed my fancy goldfishes.

  1. Floater fish food available at petstore but remember to soak the floater fish food first to water before feeding to avoid floater disease.  
  2. Wheat germ  You can buy it at Pacifica feeds supply it is usually given to conditioning fighting cock. 
  3. Brine shrimp  you can buy it to petstore or pm me. 
  4. duckweed This is found in swamps or near rice paddies if you don't have access to it just ask me.
  5. Daphnia you can catch them to rice paddies or canal but I don't recommend this since this can be a carrier of pathogens bacteria and parasites 
  6. Mosquito larvae not recommended also a carrier of parasites and other disease causing bacteria



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