Arowana for Sale in US

Arowana for Sale in US

"Uncover The Simple Truth Behind Rearing An Asian Arowana With Complete Mastery  Over Fish, Food & Water  !"

arowanaI'm really sorry to tell you this but the fact is that most aquariums are there to sell you a highly-priced Arowana, not to teach you how to breed one. I had to learn it the hard way too. I've bought close to 5 Arowanas from aquariums, only to find out that most of them were giving me very general tips on how to take care of my precious pet. Yes, the Arowanas did not die but it never achieved that showroom shine and color that many pet farms and aquariums had in their display Arowanas.
It was not until I met a group of breeders that I was taught the techniques and industry insider tips about how to bring out the colors and shine in my Arowana that left me wondering how many other fellow enthusiast like yourself are being kept in the dark.
Although not the best, but my first Arowana using the methods I've learnt turned out to be a beauty.
I want to show you that it is possible to beat the system, learn to expose your Arowana?s true colors using techniques that South East Asian breeders have tested with mad results!
Professional Arowana Breeders are hiding something from you ? the secret of getting your Arowana to show its true colors. Aquariums and Arowana breeders run a business first and foremost, not a hobby. If they taught you how to bring out  saturated and rich colors in your Arowana, why would  anyone buy their prized Arowanas anymore?
You Will Be Shocked To Know This
But I Need To Open Your Eyes
Many Arowana owners in South East Asia (where the prized Asian Arowanas originate) have already, and have for the longest time, been getting epic success with rearing richly colored, active and flawless Arowanas. I know, because I am one of them!
arowana fishgold arowanared arowana

arowana carecrossback arowanaarowana tank

From: Robert Khaw
Dear Arowana Enthusiast,
I'm Robert and I have cared for and brought up many brilliant Arowana fishes over the years. I am about to give you the key to insider breeding techniques rarely revealed outside of Southeast Asia that will have you shaking your fist at how many bad advice and misconceptions you have received with regards to keeping an Arowana.
I have personally advised and helped customers brought up Asian Arowanas of all types with great success over the last 13 years as a hobby. It started out as helping a friend set up and rear his first Golden Crossback but through his recommendation subsequently to other friends, I moved on to providing personal assistance to extended friends and customers.

Here's Why You Need To Start Now
For The Perfect Arowana

These are some of the fishes I have reared and they are not worth thousands of dollars when i bought them but now, they are worth a lot more than that. In fact, I have had businesses offering me close to $8,000USD for a couple of my Golden Crossbacks and Red Asian Arowanas.
The truth is that it really isn't hard to keep a healthy Arowana... once you are able to dig through all the myths about keeping one. The trouble comes when people try to do too many things to the Arowana or keep meddling with its living conditions.
"Well, I Already Know That.
It's Common Sense, Robert!"

Hold your horses, give me a minute to explain what I mean.
You're right, rearing an Arowana is not that difficult at all. In fact, The Arowana is one of the hardiest fishes around that is highly adaptable to its surroundings. But a lot of aquariums and professional breeders tend to over-complicated matters. They want to control every single aspect of rearing an Arowana from the way it grows to every detail of the tank setup.
The problem with that is it results in a truckload of chemical, medication, equipment that may cause stress to the Arowana because you are introducing a ton of foreign substances that the Arowana is not familiar with!
"This is incredible. It sickens me to know I was missing out all along"
Hey Robert,
This is incredible, it sickens me to know I was missing out all along. I bought my first Asian Arowana at a great cost and it died within a month. My second one is a red tail Asian Arowana that I got at a good deal and I've been keeping it using the tips from your book.
They are great! Simpleeasy to follow and my Arowana is very happy and the colors are developing just nicely. I've been tempting a few of my friends when they come over to my place for beer and you can expect a few more referrals from me when they decide to get their own lovely Asian Arowanas. Thanks again for the Arowana care tips!
"Will Shit Happen Again?"
If you have had this experience before, I know exactly how you feel because 6/10 of new Arowana owners experience this too.
You buy an expensive Asian Arowana that you fork out cash for. You even tell yourself it is your first and it is okay to spend a bit more money on expensive equipment and chemical enhances that the aquarium owner swears he "uses it himself" and that you "can't go wrong" because it is "worth the extra money spent".
2 weeks later, you are on your knees sobbing and stuffing your dead Arowana into a plastic bag!

Learn to handle Arowana illnesses, or hand  your Arowana to the arms of death.
Many seasoned Arowana owners will learn this the hard way but your Arowana will fall sick or become stressed at some point in time. The newbies will take every single last minute action, poisoning their tank with an excessive amount of chemicals in a frenzied attempt to save their fish but the truth is that a little preparation can imcreases the chances of your Arowana surviving but more than 50%. One of the defining differences between a seasoned pro and a helpless newbie at rearing Arowanas is that the more experienced hobbyist spots illnesses when the first sign of it manifests and takes IMMEDIATE action to solve it.

I'm going to literally hand over this exact set of valued knowledge that others take years to achieve on their own. This will arm you with the knowledge needed to handle illnesses calmly, and to be able to spot problems with your fish and accurate diagnose a remedy.

Why is your Arowana darting around in the water?
How come your Arowana "yawns" a lot and gasps for air near the water surface?
Is your Arowana scrubbing itself against your aquarium wall all the time?
Why is your Arowana refusing to eat with extended periods of rest?
Do your Arowana keep trying to jump out of the water?
Having the foresight to identify these symptoms and having the correct knowledge to take action could mean the difference between the continued survival of your Arowana. This is very often the one Make or Break difference that separates a newbie and a seasoned Arowana fish owner.
I Take A Different Approach... LESS IS MORE.
Rather than try to squeeze in as many chemical enhancers or specialized, professional equipment and top-of-the-line products that yield only marginal benefits,
When it comes to Arowana care, I prefer to use the bare minimum amount of equipment and additives in order to keep your setup simple with very little maintenance.

Introducing "Arowana Secrets Revealed"
asian arowana
"Arowana Secrets Revealed" is a concentrated, straight-to-the-point and easy-to-follow quick start Arowana care guide that is jam-packed with the exact blueprints to everything you need to know about keeping your Arowana without any time-wasting fluff!
Here's a sample of what you will learn...
11 guidelines to follow when choosing an Arowana -  Know how to tell a champion in the making and never buy a flawed Arowana ever again.
How to differentiate between the sought after Asian Arowana and the cheaper South American and Australian varieties so you don't get cheated!
Grooming tips to bring out the championship shine in your Arowana - what you need to know about color, dimensions, blemishes, uniqueness, personality and age in your Arowana.
What you need to know when setting up your Arowana tank - living conditions, choice of fish tank, filtration, aeration and decorations
What you need to know about keeping a few Arowanas in a community tank.
Understanding your Arowana's behavior - what is it trying to tell you and what you can do to provide help before disaster strikes.
Know what other fishes you can keep harmoniously with your Arowana and what fishes you should never put them together with!
How to Keep your water condition perfect!

Spotting common Arowana illnesses and how to drop them in their tracks!
Feeding Information - How to bring our a natural shine and deeply saturated colors!
"Easy to understand, brilliant tips and truly ALL-IN-ONE for any Arowana owner! This is truly the best book on Arowanas out there."
Dear Robert,
I'm writing to thank you for the great book. My silver Arowana just got hit by droop eye and i was pretty upset about it initially. I was searching the internet for an answer and came across your book. Not only have I solved the droop eye problem, I'm actually also changing my feeding patterns to enhance the natural colors of my silver.
You have over delivered on this one! I just want to say that "Arowana Secrets Revealed" is really easy to understand, brilliant tips and truly ALL-IN-ONE for any Arowana owner! This is truly the best book on Arowana care out there.
And please, go ahead and quote me on that last line :)
"Do I Have To Buy A Ton Of Expensive Equipment To Benefit From Your Arowana Care Techniques?"
Definitely Not. In fact, I never encourage people to pay for equipment with too much hype attached to it. Paying top dollars for branded, top of the line items with no proven benefits or just marginal benefits has never been my style and my Arowanas still turn out good.
My focus is on keeping it affordable for you to rear your own Arowana with great success. MINIMUM COST / MAXIMUM OUTCOME
"Must I Have Prior Experience In Rearing
 Fishes To Understand Your Book?"

Let me be candid for a moment here. If you had the experience needed already, you won't be here looking for information. The fact of the matter is that Arowanas are just not that hard to rear. What you need first is not experience but a solid guide to help you set things up and settle your Arowana in. You need a simple guide that does not overwhelm you with information and complicated procedures because you're not setting up a full-fledged marine saltwater tank! Keep it simple, smart and straight-to-the-point... Which is exactly what my approach is about. You will be amazed at how much simpler the process of keeping an Arowana is.


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