Tancho Sanke

Tancho Sanke

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Tancho Sanke is characterized by a red circle over its head where the rest of the body is white with
tancho sanke at Giobel koi center
beautiful black spots. In breading the desired traits are that the colors are symmetrical and placed in visual balance in reference to the other features of the fish. 

The beautiful pattern and balance of colors make it a perfect example of a great looking Koi. The brilliant white color is stunning and eye catching. Its body and the form are very exquisite, while the depth of black and rich vibrant color is truly a site to behold. The patterns of the Koi are very unique and only few of the Tancho arise from a spawn, thus looking for the best Tancho is just close to seeking for a needle in a haystack. 

The white body color of the Tancho Sanke is typically known as shiroji or white ground. It is distinct for its sumi or black pattern with the lone at the head. There should be no sumi that may be seen on the head.

 The red spot in the head of the Koi is indicative of the state bird of Japan along with the Tancho crane and the Japanese flag. This variety of Tancho  is now becoming famous and accepted by Koi breeders and hobbyists worldwide.


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