Feeding Kois with duckweed

Feeding our kois with duckweed, duckweeds have high protein content and other vitamins and minerals.

Nutritive value of duckweeds

The protein content of duckweeds is one of the highest (up to 45%, on DM basis) in the plant kingdom (Fasakin 1999) and has a better array of essential amino acids than most plant proteins and more closely resembles animal protein (Hillman and Culley 1978). Further, its amino acid spectrum especially with regard to lysine (7.5% of total protein) and methionine (2.6% of total protein) is much higher as compared to other plant feed stuffs (Rusoff et al 1980 and Mishra 2007). Duckweeds are highly variable in their composition and it depends on the nutrient status of the water on which they grow (Table 1). They grow slowly on nutrient poor waters and under such growth conditions have low protein content associated with high fiber, ash and carbohydrate content. In contrast, they grow rapidly on nutrient rich waters and have a high protein content associated with high ash and low fiber content. further readings at http://www.lrrd.org/http://www.lrrd.org/lrrd22/7/ansa22129.htm


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