Trapond is a combination word for Trapal and koi pond. This type of pond is affordable and easy to set-up. Most of the fish keeper here in the Philippines used this type of pond including me. Here are the photos of my trapond 
Here's a video below

Here is another video of my Trapal koi pond that is made up of bamboo frame

trapal pond

sako trapal
Trapal this is the material used for trapond setup

Trapond Koi pond

Trapond koi pond


  1. Same here Bro. Pair a trapond with a DIY filter and a reliable water pump and your fishies will be ready for a swim :D

    1. He he, my DIY filters bro are recycled plastic containers, pail, mineral water bottle, etc. I just want to save money in buying filter, even my filter material in mechanical media is old christmas tree leaves he he although I had some media that I bought like K1, bio balls and lava rock

  2. i am interested to know and how to make your DIY filters, can you help me thank you.


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