Koi with eye tumor

Koi with eye tumor

A koi hobbyist message me today about her koi disease problem, this is her message.

Hello Hoping you can give me some info. I have a Koi that at one time had jumped out of the pond and I think injured his eyes flipping around on the cement . He did survive but now has tumors or some kind of growths on the eyes itself . They are red in color and lately has been getting bigger. The fish is loosing eyesight from this. Do you know or have you heard about these kind of tumors? I cant think of anything so awful then to be blind. Hoping you might know of someone that can remove them or have heard of surgery done on the eyes of koi fish.. Thank You

I advice her to removed the koi eyes since koi can still eat even if they lost their eyesight, they can sniff their food. Do you have do you have additional advice leave comment below, thanks 


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