Unsaon pag setup og filter sa koi pond

  • Sukdon ang Volume sa tubig sa fish pond para ma determine unsa ka kusgon ang paliton na submersible pump. gamita lang ni na nga website para pag sukod sa imong fish pond http://www.clearpond.com.au/how-to/online-calculators/pond-volume 

  • If naa naka sukod sa volume sa imong pond usa ka mo buy og submersible pananglit imong pond 1000 liters, so Imong paliton na pump naa sa 1000 liters per hour ang output mas maayo if labaw gamay lantawon lang nimo ang friction head lost sa graph chart sa carton sa pump pag determine ani. kay ang maayo og efficient na filtration kanang ma pump imong volume sa pond water sa usa ka oras.

if naka buy naka pump mag setup naka sugod daghan ka makita tutorila sa youtube og mga DIY filter kani ako favorite

ganahan ko ani nga setup kay nag gamit og K1 filter media

ngano ganaha kog K1 kay mao ni rason

How it works

Maturing the K1 Media bio-media is important because a delicate eco-system is naturally developing for the bacteria involved in the nitrification process. K1 Media provides the maximum active surface area for the bacteria to colonise, more than other types of static media. It is this process which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water.

How it is different to other media

As the K1 Media moves within the filter, it causes the old dead bacteria on the outside to be displaced. This makes space for new younger heavier feeding bacteria to rapidly colonise. Within the wheel is a protected surface which enables colonies of bacteria to naturally follow their lifecycle, of maturing, dying and then fueling the latter stages of the nitrification cycle. K1 Media has been designed to provide the best possible habitat for both young and mature beneficial bacterial colonies.

What is meant by 'self cleaning'?

Unlike foam, matting, or other forms of static filtration media, theK1 Media is designed to move freely within your filter. The constant chaotic movement of the air from your pump, causes the media to self clean and thus requires no maintenance. This allows the filter to reach optimum effectiveness without the disturbance of periodic cleaning, avoiding unnecessary loss of bacteria within the filter. 50 Litres of K1 media will handle up to 250 grammes of food per day and for K3, 225 grammes of food per day. For retrofit of existing filters, K3 media is the most suitable due to its larger size and ease of control. further readings at....http://evolutionaqua.com/acatalog/K1_Media.htmlhttp://evolutionaqua.com/acatalog/K1_Media.html


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